Choosing a financial partner is about more than just finances. It’s about finding someone who cares about you and truly wants you to succeed in today’s financial landscape.

About Wealth & Retirement

Wealth and Retirement is a family-run company founded with the mission to provide sound financial recommendations that will help give you the greatest possible benefit. We’ll help create the right retirement plan for you, taking your current lifestyle, financial situation, goals and dreams into account. We’ll help you make more educated, informed and smart retirement decisions. After all, you’ve worked hard to get where you are – shouldn’t you have the opportunity to enjoy your future without excess worry?

Meet Jeff Juniper

Jeff is licensed as both an insurance advisor and a Registered Investment Advisor, a combination that allows him to offer his clients an array of financial solutions to meet their individual needs and goals. Jeff has the fiduciary responsibility to serve his clients’ best interests, and he takes this duty incredibly seriously.

Being securities licensed, Jeff can review a client’s complete portfolio and make suggestions to help them better achieve their goals, helping them find the financial solution that is right for them and their unique situation.

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He often educates and counsels clients on:

  • Avoiding the erosive effects of 401(k) fees (which he says are more devastating to a nest egg than most investors realize)
  • Creating tax-free/deferred retirement income
  • Repositioning funds to help them realize their dreams of financial independence

Being an independent financial advisor is important to Jeff and his clients, he says: “Imagine going to a mechanic who only has a certain set of tools he can use. ‘If it’s not in this toolbox, you can’t use it,’ his boss tells him. But your car is a high-performance vehicle that requires more sophisticated tools. Do you stay with him and hope for the best, or do you go to a skilled mechanic who has access to any tool he might need to get the job done well?”

In addition to offering insurance, financial, wealth and tax planning, Jeff partners with CPAs and attorneys to create client trusts.

He is proud to have his son, Shaun, working alongside him in the family firm. A Southern Californian from birth, and son of a financial advisor himself, Jeff loves being outdoors, whether paddle boarding, boating or playing golf.

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Meet Shaun Juniper

Shaun Juniper joined his father’s firm to help ensure high-quality customer service by conducting policy reviews and expediting new policies through the sometimes-complicated maze in insurance companies.

As the point man for handling clients’ insurance questions and coordinating client calls for Jeff when the matter relates to securities and investments, Shaun has become an invaluable asset to the firm and to its clients.

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Shaun believes that when you treat clients as if they are a part of your own family, doing everything you can to help them protect their assets and achieve their goals, you are creating a top financial experience, full of trust, education and friendship.

“What I love most about what I do is seeing the security we provide for our clients,” he says. “We work with clients who are nearing or are in retirement. Most are looking for income and security, especially after the two stock market drops. They come to us to help them plan because no one wants to run out of money when they need it most.”

A lifelong Californian like his father, Shaun and his wife, Sunni, have a new baby boy, Slater. Shaun is looking forward to introducing the newest Juniper to snowboarding, hockey and water sports… all the sports his own father introduced him to when he was young.

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